Future Plans and Family Farm Shops

What do future plans and farm shopping with the family have to do with one another, I imagine you’re thinking? Things may become a little clearer when I tell you about the last couple of days…

This Sunday I had the pleasure of venturing out to our favourite farm shop with my husband and mother in law. (This has started to become a sort of tradition of late as we are trying our best to incorporate healthier organic produce into our home) It is normally just the two of us doing our food shop as they have the nicest and freshest fruit and vegetables on offer and a brilliant selection of free-range meat available.


However during our last visit to the in laws we had mentioned the farm shop in passing and Anne thought she would quite like to join us on our next trip and so we offered to take her along this weekend. Needless to say she has fallen for it, just as we have, so now we will hopefully have a regular attender on our food shop excursions.

As me and Rich are massive foodies, it’s always lovely to geek out on produce and recipes with Anne as she shares the same passion for cooking and baking as I do! Unfortunately it is often rare the times we both get to visit our in-laws due to Rich’s working hours and so I really do treasure these little catch ups.

With a boot full of fresh produce we hit the road home, but decided to stop off at a local restaurant / pub for a quick drink next to an open fire so that we could have a proper chat. It was so lovely sitting there together and getting to catch up on what had been going on in our lives. Anne had gone on to bring up our wedding day and all three of us couldn’t stop beaming about the day as we reminisced and as conversations go, things began to turn onto what our next big adventure would be…


Anne is already aware of what our intentions are as we are very open with both sets of parents and they are all eagerly anticipating what is to come (we hope we get lucky enough). It is because of that honesty that I had no issues in sharing with Anne exactly what has been happening with us both over the past 3 months in terms of my PCOS condition and our fertility. As always she was very supportive and put my anxieties at rest (it is just as hard facing other peoples potential disappointments as it is your own when it comes to fertility related conditions), reminding me not to worry and that things will work out just fine.

My main concern was and has been my ability to have a functioning cycle (which in the past has been MIA for the best part of a year whilst off the pill), but Anne helped me put my mind at rest and that it will happen soon enough. Which is where I find myself today, later that very Sunday and the following morning it was as if Mother Nature had overheard our very conversation!

My first healthy and none medically aided cycle (as strange as it may sound to anyone who has no fertility related issues), I was genuinely over the moon, it’s just the first step but I am so relieved in so many ways that I’m going in the right direction. I really do feel I have my hard work and the knowledge given to me by the ‘Woman Code – Alisa Vitti’ (more on this in my next post) to thank for this and I am excited to continue in my journey to regulate my cycle and hopefully one day provide my partner with a child and our eagerly awaiting parents with a grandchild!

So here’s to future plans and future farm shop visits with the family,

Until next time,

Lisa x


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  1. That’s such good news that you got a natural cycle! Woohoo!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m over the moon! Just praying that this isn’t a fluke!!


      1. Can I suggest you try basal body temperature charting from this cycle onwards? It will really give you an idea about your body.. and can help to know if you are ovulating without going to the doctor. Let me know if you want to know more

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes please I’d love to know more! I keep reading about it in peoples blog posts but just can’t wrap my head around how or what I should be doing.


      3. I would love to help you out. BBT charting used to be my addiction. Haha. Can I email you or something? Just jot down everything you find confusing about BBT charting and write me an email at sillybelly87@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you asap!


      4. Perfect, thank you! I’ll have a look over what I know so far tonight and drop you a line sometime tomorrow 🙂


    1. Ah perfect! Thank you! I shall have a mooch now! 🙂


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