February Date Night 2018

The times we decide to go out for food these days feel so rare, or perhaps that’s just the case for us as we are a right pair of foodies. Fortunately we love to cook as much as we like to eat out, but on this occasion Rich was really keen on getting out and taking the pressure off us this Sunday as his treat to us (less washing up works for me).

After catching the latest Jumanji film (I was skeptical too, but there are actually quite a few laughs – although nothing will be able to beat the original in my eyes), we then decided to journey to into town for a bite to eat, I’d even said no to popcorn, shocking I know, in an attempt to allow more space for lunch.


This was one of the occasions where to me, Birmingham was looking rather pretty in the setting sun with clear blue skies as the back drop to this cityscape, or perhaps I was just really relieved to be back on solid ground after traveling on the metro? Although I am still not 100 percent on public transport at the moment with my recent bought of agoraphobia (see: Re-emerging Recluse), I did feel relieved that I managed to get there in one piece and without my heart jumping out of my chest thanks to my medication, having Rich by my side and being understanding as ever always helps the situation too.



We decided to go back to our long time favourite, Buffalo and Rye, we love this place! They source top quality meats from Aubrey Allen butchers which they smoke, grill, slow cook or fry to create delicious and flavoursome dishes. The main draw for my partner I believe, although than the handsome portions of meat on offer are their great range of domestic and imported craft beers on offer to sip on their own or accompany with your meal.

They also offer the most extensive selections of whiskeys and bourbons in the Midlands along with a crafted cocktail menu to help guide you and enjoy the most from them, I particular enjoy the MIXED BERRY COSMOPOLITAN 6.50* (with Absolut Raspberri, mixed berry Kool-Aid and orange liqueur).

I’m also really keen on trying out some others on the menu in future, (although I was on my best behaviour and only opted for the one with my meal) such as the likes of;

Welch’s Grape juice with Bombay
Sapphire Gin, peach and orange
liqueurs and lemon juice

Absolut Mandarin, peach liqueur
and strawberry Kool-Aid


But of course Rich being the Ale connoisseur that he is, he opted for trying the new Peanut Butter Milk Stout, sounds like you really need to be a fan of Peanut butter for this one though! For the mains we opted for our two favourites again and I can’t fault them in terms of their Gluten Free options, I would highly recommend them for the intolerant of those out there like myself.

Texas-style 14hr slow cooked Aberdeen
Angus brisket in a homemade coffee rub.
Served with pickled red cabbage and
either house or Cajun fries
Pork shoulder dry-rubbed and marinated for
24hrs, smoked low & slow for 12hrs and mixed
with our blend of herbs & spices. Served with
house slaw and either house or Cajun fries


As for sides Rich chose these, I may or may not have helped him with the Burnt ends, although it then meant I couldn’t finish everything on my own plate! Word to the wise, these portions are massive! You will need to go on an empty stomach and perhaps only indulge in sides if there are more than the two of you present.

Cut from the point end of our slow smoked
beef brisket. Pure smokey goodness

Crispy diced potatoes with our home-smoked
pastrami, onion and sauerkraut all topped
off with smoked cheddar


This was such a satisying Sunday this past weekend, I really do enjoy the opportunity to go exploring with my partner. I may still not quite be back where I’d like to be with travelling at the moment but it’s these baby steps which will help me get back where I need to be. And as variety is the spice of life it is also really good to get out and exploring the gluten free scene once more. Thank you to my husband for pushing me to get back out there.

Until next time,

Lisa x



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