Porthminster Kitchen – PCOS diet in St Ives


Porthminster Kitchen serves up a refreshing, playful take on Cornish cuisine, introducing a menu of smaller plates and lighter options which combine global flavours, fresh local ingredients and creative cooking.

They have stripped out much of what is unnecessary; dairy and gluten take a backseat in favour of fresh and exciting textures and flavours. This was particularly helpful and exciting for someone like myself who deals with gluten and dairy intolerance issues through my PCOS condition.


My starter of Crispy Fried Squid Rings, were simply the freshest and tastiest I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. It is so rare that I get to partake in fried foods whilst eating out, but Porthminster Kitchen have made it their specialism to remove a lot of intolerable ingredients whilst also ensuring there is no cross contamination without having to query – a breath of fresh air for the majority of us with specialist diets.


The Braised Duck Breast Main was by far the highlight of the entire meal where both of us were concerned, cooked the utter perfection, every ingredient complemented each other so well and of course yet again where my diet was concerned they tailored to my needs perfectly. It is also worth mentioning that our server had explained that they will happily tailor any item on the menu to meet dietary needs.


For dessert I opted for the Gluten free and dairy free Coconut Panna Cotta with Exotic Fruits, as always getting to indulge in a dessert, especially on top of two other courses is a complete rarity! Often my palette will always go towards, sweet gooey cakey goodness, or icecream related palettes, but unfortunately my stomach does not agree. It is so refreshing to find restaurants that are willing to cater to the GF/DF of us and offer this deliciously sweet dessert. It goes to show that if you can eat at the right places who cater to peoples special diets with precision and flare, your tummy really will thank you for it!


All in all, a really wonderful evening, with equal parts wonderful company and food! An absolute treat for any PCOS’ers, and for any body visiting St Ives, we recommend them highly and will certainly be revisiting in the future! And of course, cheers to me turning 27, as we sipped on some delicious dessert wine – as is our tradition – overlooking a beautiful sight. You have been such a treat.


Until next time,

Lisa x

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