Bank Holiday BBQ

It’s a new week and for the first time in a long time I feel refreshed and ready. This bank holiday weekend and the surplus of sun we have been treated with has gotten me feeling in the best way I have in a long time! It’s amazing what a bit of Vitamin D can do for your soul! That and having time to relax and time spent with loved ones would turn anybody into a little ray of sunshine surely!?


This bank holiday I can honestly say I have no regrets what so ever for having spent a full 3 days in our back garden, it’s been glorious! The last few months have been quite a challenge for me which has impacted on my abilities socially so it has been wonderful to have visitors instead, and with weather like we’ve had, our old faithful BBQ of course had to make an appearance!


We served up some tasty home made beef burgers which we mixed and prepared ourselves (we added red onion into the mix with amazing results), followed up with Cajun chicken and pepper skewers with sides of home made potato salad (a strong favourite), garlic buttered mushrooms, Mediterranean Falafels, and home made quiche!

It was an absolutely lush mix and our guests were all chuffed with the selection! In fact they were already attempting to pen in a future BBQ date! I also had my own ‘naked GF burger’ which of course meant a substituted bun for lettuce wrap and in all honesty, I preferred it to the GF buns! Not forgetting the fruity cider and IPA’s chosen by the men and the pink gin and lemonade for us ladies, definitely a new favourite summer drink of mine, I highly recommend!


It was an absolutely perfect day, the perfect weather and company we could have asked for! We chilled into the evening sharing stories and cracking jokes and just enjoying each others company. I certainly hope that this is just a preview of what we have to come this summer, these are the times I really do enjoy being a home owner and feel so grateful for how lucky we have been to have landed such a wonderful home that we have worked hard to earn.


Having in-laws as lovely as these makes me feel so lucky also, they reminded us that it will be 5 years me and Richard have been together this year and how quickly the time really has flown by. I feel so apart of this family and only look forward to hopefully helping to extend the ranks of Lawrences one day.

Until next time, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful bank holiday!

Lisa x

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