Botanical Bridgnorth

Following a stop over for my best friends wedding this past weekend at the Mill Barn in Bridgnorth (post and pictures to come), we decided to spend our second day venturing around the town. Now this isn’t my first time visiting this lovely town, however given that the last time I was around the age of 6 with my grandparents, it’s safe to say I was seeing it with fresh eyes.


If you enjoy walking, seeing the sights, and aren’t afraid of managing steep steps then you are already onto a winner with this place. All the top sights that we came across my fluke and foot, were relatively close distance to each other. We began by navigating the shops of which you will find many popular high street brands, quirky stores, market place and several restaurants and cafes. Following well labled sign posts we found our way around to the Bridgnorth Castle ruins and its beautiful grounds. For me, I was in my element, I love anything botanical and these gardens were lush and well maintained.


Following the signs around further we came across Bridgnorths Cliff Railway with its exceptional views. This view left me feeling very nostalgic which makes me believe I have had some time spent here with my grandparents (in fact most of Bridgnorth gave us both that similar nostalgic feeling which is very calming to those of us with anxieties). Not only can the tram allow you to get from top to bottom without the hiking  with ease and without too much of a cost, it also allows you wonderful panoramic views from all around. I would highly recommend giving this spot a visit first and then taking the trip around to the Castle.


Finally we decided to follow the path around and make our way to the bottom to get a view of the River and Railway. The entire journey was linked so well by fluke, and we found every part of it so picturesque. I particularly loved the steps down to the river so decided to grab a snap, although on the way back up it’s a little more work! I loved how clean and quaint this town is, beautiful and green for the most part, and great for getting around by foot. We decided to leave our sightseeing here and grab a bite.


Gluten Free Food at Graze Bridgnorth

Located in Bridgnorths Town Center we came across this Trendy Burger Bar / restaurant. It reminded me very much of the eclectic style used in the popular restaurants and bars back home in Birmingham, however being in a quainter town such as this, it was obvious how this might become a popular spot for people in their early twenties and upwards. We were therefore quite surprised to see an even more eclectic bunch of visitors, from early teens, couples on their date nights and women of an older generation, all happily munching away at their grub over conversation.


We found our spot on a rustic shabby chic bench of which we had all to ourselves next to the window and in front of the fireplace, perfect location for people watching! Although there were several other visitors that day, it never got crowded which was much to our liking, however I’m unsure if this is normal for the location or if it was based on the time of day we landed at. Our server was attentive and very friendly, and very happily helped me out with my GF requirements.


I opted for the rack of ribs with a side of sweet potato fries which tasted so fresh and I could most certainly put it down to the fact that they must have used a fresh fryer for by food based on my allergies. I was comforted to know that almost everything on the menu could be altered to fit my allergy requirements and so for this alone I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting who is gluten free, and secondly for the fact that it tasted so good! The cherry on top was also there very reasonable pricing!

We left that same day having felt very content from or first visit as a couple to Bridgnorth, for any couples also looking for a day drive out, I would highly recommend this lovely town. We had such a wonderful weekend exploring and celebrating the union of our two close friends and look forward to any future visits we decide upon.

Until next time,

Lisa x

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