Easter Exploring

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday, hopefully spent with your loved ones and also hopefully spent enjoying the glorious weather that we have been having! Ours has been spent together as a couple, enjoying the outdoors, taking in the sun, having some quiet down time and visiting family and friends.


We kick started our time off together by venturing to Lichfield in the sun on a fluke, we were actually hoping to find somewhere to sit in the sun, but it quickly turned into a mini road trip – but aren’t those spontaneous ones often the much more successful ones!

Lichfield as it turns out is lovely, and perfect to mill about in this weather, their Cathadral is a must see, I don’t think either of us have seen something quite so stunning! and with it being Good Friday at the time of visitation, it was calm and serene as we explored the vast space inside its doors.


Its stain glass windows are truly a sight to behold! Although my actual favourite part of our mini trip would have to be the part where we walked around until we stumbled upon their Beacon Park. It was a beautiful place to take a walk and perfect for those with families, plenty of open space on their fields, beautiful flower beds, mini river and pond with pedalos, donkey rides, play areas and incidentally a perfect people watching spot – one of of favourite pass times.

Surrounded by couples, families and children, it’s easy to forget that Easter isn’t just for the families, more so for those of us still in our waiting period. But that’s why it is important to remember to take the time to celebrate life and enjoy that time where-ever you are at.


So we spent our afternoon there catching the sun on the fields and enjoying each others company with a couple of ice-lolly’s for good measure. Exactly what the Easter holiday called for, some much needed R+R and some good ol’d vitamin D.

The rest was spent much in a similar fashion, sunbathing in our back garden listening to music, taking in the rays and my bare feet back on the grass as well as visiting our lovely friends new home and catching up in their back garden too. Outdoors at every opportunity this holiday, and I honestly don’t think we could have spend it better!


Let’s hope this weather sticks around for a little longer! I hope you have enjoyed your break as much as we have enjoyed ours. Please feel free to share what you got up to also, we’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Lisa x

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