Back to Nature

This past Monday on our joint day off we decided to take a mini road trip, just the 2.5 of us. Although we have been lucky enough to be bopping around from one activity to another, it has been sometime since we did a little adventuring on our own without the rest of the family / friends with us.

We were so out of practice that it took us a bit longer than anticipated to come up with some kind of plan for our road trip! But we decided on an old favourite and ventured toward Stratford for the day.


We made a point of re-visiting the Butterfly Farm there, this is our third visit so far and honestly I can see us continuing to go for the foreseeable future. There are so many variations of butterfly to take in up close not just our UK favourites but also Asian and American variations with bold and beautiful colours as well as some of a an impressive size.

On top of this the tropical environment houses many types of bird and tropical plants, it feels like a little oasis in its own right and with this, I personally feel brings it own little peace of mind for visitors. This is definitely somewhere I would recommend coming with your family if you have little ones, I can’t wait to bring our little one here in the future.


I’m also relieved to see that after facing my fears last time, it was definitely like riding a bike and was completely un phased this time around thankfully! Which made things a lot easier when interacting with the butterflies.

What makes this experience all the more special is that within my family, butterflies hold a massive amount of symbolism and meaning. I hope to bring my mom with us one day as I have a feeling she will love it there. On top of this it is always really cute to see Rich geeking out over the different species and trying to pick up the butterflies lower to the ground to avoid them from getting hurt.


Another aspect we really enjoyed was their sensory garden to the front of their entrance, they have a beautiful little mural there and really high wildflower with beautiful scents to take in. We sat out there a while following our visit, enjoying the mild air and watching all of the bumble bees do their work.

They even have picnic benches were we noticed quite a few family bringing packed lunches along for them and their kids, although unfortunately we weren’t quite as prepared on this occasion.


Instead we decided to opt for a restaurant just over the other side of the river from where we were. We sat outside under the shade of an umbrella, and had the rest of the afternoon to take in each others company and discuss all our pre-baby plans and how life will be once they arrive.

Followed by some delicious food of course, mine being the safe gluten free option of Steak and chips, although there were plenty on the menu, unfortunately not many safe for pregnant women who have to avoid most beer battered and mayo filled meals! Perhaps on our next visit! But we highly recommend you checking out Cox’s Yard, as it has plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options, a nice vibe and as we are told they often host live music also!

All in all, we had a lovely, couple/ pre-baby day out together, it makes me excited for future date days/nights that we can look forward to here and there, but also for all of the places we can share with our little one one day!

Until next time,

Lisa x

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