GF seafood options at Rockfish

For an avid seafood lover I was overjoyed when it came to my attention that Weymouth had welcomed their very first fresh seafood restaurant on the beach front that, *drum roll please* offers their entire menu in gluten free!! I was beside myself with excitement and instantly knew that I needed to check Rockfish Weymouth out on our latest visit.


Needless to say we weren’t disappointed! The decor was clean, welcoming and had that authentic seafood restaurant, nautical-coastal vibe which I can never get enough of, the staff were welcoming and very attentive and the restaurant itself can meet the needs of a variety of clientele, looking for a dinner date? a family meal? want to bring your beloved family pet? All welcome.


What I loved most was how inclusive this restaurant is and their attention to detail that makes it so much more palatable for people who are new to the seafood scene. On each of their tables in place of a table cloth is a huge sheet of paper for the younger visitors to create designs which get displayed within the restaurant.

This sheet also labels all of the fresh fish that get caught by Rockfish (by their own boat!?) with a description of the taste and texture of each fish – perfect for my partner who is only just venturing into this type of food.


I opted for their gluten free fresh cod fish and chips (with unlimited chips!!) with a side of gluten free curried peas, both were glorious, so fresh, so tasty and I’m even salivating now as I type this out. Their extensive menu also boasts  dishes inclusive of tempura prawns, oysters, fried squid, calamari as well as Rich’s dish which was a ‘monkfish and prawn burger’…if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m on a pregnancy diet where I need to limit my monkfish intake as well as mayo and other such sauces, I’d have been all over it!

I can honestly say that I can’t wait to get revisiting post pregnancy to properly gorge and highly recommend anyone visiting this part of the UK to get dinning!

Until next time,

Lisa x

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