Beach Baby Adventures

Throwback to a time last month where we had a day I have dreamt of having since forever.  Anyone who knows myself and Richard as a couple IRL will know just how much the coast means to us…we’ve spent many an adventure there and some major milestones including our engagement and wedding so it should go without saying that taking our first born to the beach had been a long time dream coming true.


What made the experience all the more special, (other than a momentary escape from the confinement of home during Covid) was discovering that Finn is a natural Beach Baby, completely unphased by the texture of the sand and absolutely in awe of the water! Everything we had hoped for 🌊🏝


I think the pictures speak for themselves, the joy on his face made all of the anxiety, the isolation and uncertainty melt away from the past 3 months.

We took every precaution, prepping everything we needed to rely only on what we had in the car and planned to visit during the times when people were still working/at school. Much to our delight we managed to squeeze in a beach day that ended up being safely distanced and worth the prep before everything returned to reality and became inundated by tourists.


We spent only a few short hours there, but they made up for so much of what has been lost during this time. 2 family holidays, a huge portion of time taken from grandparents and family, but atleast Finm got to experience something so close to our hearts and hopefully to his own as he grows ❤


It’s times like these that you really count your blessing and take stock in life and really begin to appreciate the luxuries we have taken for granted. We feel so lucky to have been able to share this experience with our little one, no matter how fleeting.

Here’s dreaming of future adventures. Until next time,

Lisa x

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