Water Baby

Like with many of the plans that most new parents will have experienced during this worldwide pandemic this year, we have unfortunately missed out on many of the experiences that we had hoped to have provided Finn with.

It was my intention to take him to so many different baby groups, to build friendships and to bond with his extended family and one of those activities in particular was the likes of taking him along to Water Babies groups in order to build his confidence in regards to water.

However we are thankful to discover that Finn has a keen, natural fascination with water and so instinctively seems to have no fear with interacting with it already at this early stage. So despite missing out on an environment where we have professional help to guide us with this, we have done our best (like most parents during lock down) to help cultivate his skills and build his confidence.

Finn has gone from exploring in the bath, playing in the paddling pool, paddling on the beach to his first full swim in a private pool. I am so utterly proud of him and watching him play, explore and develop his skills feels like an honor to witness. I hope we can use this to help him build his life skills, his view of the outside world and help him to be safe but fearless!

And fearless is exactly how he seems to be! Moments after this photo was taken he had kicked up a fuss till we took him out of his harness to be interacting directly with the pool water and then shortly after this he was trying to push out our arms as if he were hoping to push off and start doing a froggy paddle down the length of the pool!

So with little boys fearlessness, comes plenty of mom fear it would seem! But we will continue to do everything we can do give you these experiences our little man and I will try my best to continue to let you have your independence within safe reasoning! In the meantime, I would love to hear about any other moms out there experiences they have managed to have with their new babies during this pandemic, have you started classes? Have you made the most yourself? I’d love to hear!

Until next time,

Lisa x

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