What makes a mom

I feel strongly within my heart that there has been a culmination of life experiences which have led me to the roll I was ultimately meant to fulfill, the exact route my life has taken to get here is what has shaped me into becoming the mom that I am today.

The experiences of my own childhood, my relationships with my parents and sibling, my family, my friends, my personal relationships, my health conditions, my pcos, finding my life partner have all shaped me and all the little life experiences between these too. They gave me the blue prints to the image I had in my head of the mother I imagined I would become…or should I say hoped, as for me it was never a given, but that understanding too was part of my journey.

Our fertility journey taught us about sacrifice, heart break, hope and miracles, which have helped shaped the mom I would become, my labour, his birth too would play their part.

But ultimately the past 8 months and forever moving forward, watching you grow and develop, feeding, cleaning, nurturing and loving you is what has made me a mom and I am forever thankful for you. You have given me the only roll I ever wanted to fulfill ❤

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