Our First Family Holiday

Now back into working life for almost a month and so desperately missing my one on one time with our little guy, but thankful for the option of working from home during this time. But it’s today I find myself finding the time to sit back and take in what was the last moments of a very tumultuous maternity leave and the last grasps of ‘normality’ we could find for our little family on our very first family holiday.

We are so thankful to have been able to have this experience to make some more memories for our family to look back on, that exist outside the walls of our home. We spent 4 nights down in Cornwall in our own little caravan nest, it was perfect as it allowed us a safe zone, everything we needed in one spot and no need to come into close proximity to anyone else. Needless to say I think I put the cleaners to shame with the amount of anti-bac’ing I did as soon as we landed, but it was my priority to keep us safe first, whilst enjoying the experience without risk.

We purposely picked a location that was more remote to the busier tourist spots, so needless to say St Ives did not get a look in on this occasion! But it offered us an opportunity to find spots we had never seen before and despite being fairly remote there were plenty of activities we could take part in not too far a drive away. Our first adventure took us to the Lizard Lighthouse and it’s stunning panoramic views, I am sure a tour of the lighthouse would be perfect for any visitors, although we kept our visit to the neighboring fields and also made the most of exploring the coastal paths till we found a small beach with plenty of space to spare to catch the sunset.

We had hoped to treat Finn to an aquarium visit in New quay for a day trip, but despite booking tickets in advance, there was no timed booking slot and so it appeared many others had the same idea in mind on our arrival. We decided instead to make the most of the open space and views and let Finn explore the sand whilst watching the local surfers displaying their skills. Very happy to report that he has now had his first official taste of a true Cornish Pasty! I imagine it comes as no surprise to anybody reading that he devoured the lot!

We decided to venture around our location more so than going further afield and stumbled across a local seal sanctuary, it was one of the highlights of our trip! It felt so nice to be able to give Finn an experience outside of the norms he is used to, he really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and we can’t wait till he is on his own two legs and exploring (not far off we think). The sanctuary itself housed a seal hospital, seals / sea lion / penguin / and otter enclosures , a nature walk, farm animals, a children’s outdoor play ground and a little cafe.

We were thankful to have another outdoor space to explore with plenty of room, I highly recommend it to anybody visiting, who like us is very cautious of remaining safe and socially distancing. We booked online and there were only a set amount of people who could enter and explore at any one time, this made us feel so much more secure in our visit. There was also a one way system in place with very clear signage. This place also has plenty of growing room for our family, with what we anticipate will be many more visits to come!

On one of our last days away we decided to get one last beach visit in and ventured to Perranporth and sat and had a hot drink whilst watching the waves, admittedly it was pretty nippy with the breeze against us, but you cant beat the beach no matter the weather nor season (at least in our opinion!) and thankfully once again it was a long stretch of beach with plenty of space to move around freely. A sweet end to a lovely little trip away with my two favourite men.

As always, so thankful for the opportunities we are given, for my little family, our life together and the memories we make, even those where the pictures won’t grace this page, like cooking home cooked meals in our caravan, film nights and bathing Finn in the sink (a’la most 90’s babys milestone experiences), this trip will always hold a special place in my heart. I can’t wait for all the adventures and memories to come.

Until next time,

Lisa xx

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  1. Enjoy family time n make memories πŸ€—

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    1. Thank you so much ❀

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