Picking Pumpkins

Pumpkin Picking, a family tradition we’ve had in place since before we ‘became a family’ or rather I should say ‘family of 3’. Every year we have made a tradition of going and picking our own pumpkins during the autumn time and this time around it was even more special to share it with our little guy. Finn definitely seems to be a lover of outdoor pursuits so far, his brain is always running and so he jumps from one activity to the other relatively quickly, so being outside is perfect for this little tearaway.

It was the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air, stretch our legs and for Finn to examine some new textures and smells. He loved playing with his pumpkin and climbing around the hay stacks. I made sure to stay close by as often my heart nearly jumps out my mouth at his ability to push himself further than his limits! This one is definitely a bit of a dare-devil, absolutely fearless!

All in all it was a lovely day out with our little clan, following Finn first attendance at his sensory class (his first ever class to attend) which he did me so proud in to. It was lovely to be able to treat him to this experience and break up our routine a little to celebrate his little victories!

The house is now covered in pumpkins in time for Halloween…30 to be exact! Not all real might I add…but certainly enough for some tasty pumpkin soups and curries before the season is out I’m sure! I can’t wait, also plenty of home baking going on too, but I’m glad for it as it gives me a little me time, which everyone needs right now during lockdown!

How are you spending your autumn? Are you excited for Halloween, please feel free to share your plans!

Until next time,

Lisa xx

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