A Lawrence Halloween

Our first spooky season with our little one, Halloween and Autumn are my favourite and so I was really excited to introduce Finn to all of the festivities! We’ve got a way to go before scary movies, trick or treating and parties become a thing so we decided to celebrate our own way this year.

We decided to begin with pumpkin carving, obviously Finn is too young to take part in the actual carving part but we did the hard parts whilst Finn got to enjoy getting his hands on the mushy parts! It’s a perfect bit of sensory play for babies and he really seemed to enjoy himself, just make sure to have plenty of material down to protect your flooring! We also used this time to stick on a couple of Halloween films, we went for one of annual favourites, the Nightmare before Christmas, I was a little skeptical to show Finn but after speaking with a friend who reassured us, we tried it and thankfully he seemed to enjoy it too!

Now you can’t say your suprised that we used this as an opportunity to get the baking gear out again, of course I tried my best to theme it all, but as usual any old excuse! We ended up baking up some gluten free Cinnamon Spider web rolls, some spooky brownies and a festive Devils Food Cake. All delicious but I can honestly say, I don’t want to see another baked good till Christmas comes around…(but don’t hold your breath).

It really has been a wonderful spooky season for us, and as always the best part is getting to experience it all over again through the eyes of Finn! as well as subjecting him to little outfits that we will no doubt embarress him with when he is older! Please feel free to give us some suggesting for next year!

Until next time!

Lisa xx

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