Christmas with Finn

It’s been a little while since we last shared, this being our first Christmas as a three we really wanted to sign off and take in the magic of it all. We’ve loved every minute of it and getting quality time as a family without the stress of work tearing us away. We even brought the Christmas tree decorating forward to late November, which we never do, just in an attempt to extend the festivities which were so needed!

Finn loved taking part in the decorating…even partaking in having a chew on some of the baubles! Certainly one way to discover new things! As our tradition dictates, we of course also had to expand our personalised Christmas tree decorations to commemorate our newest member.

We really tried our best to give him the best experience we could for his first Christmas, inclusive of Christmas card decorating, opening his Christmas eve box and plenty of festive themed books and films to consume. They truly are right when they say the magic of Christmas returns once you have a child!

The big day itself was the most special though, all bundled up in our warm home, the best company, festive music playing, wonderful food, matching PJ’s; all of the cosy comforts we could have hoped for. Getting to see it all through Finn’s eyes as he experienced it all for the first time, taking it all in really was priceless and moments we will cherish.

We also used this time as an opportunity to visit families homes within our bubble, even though he sees his nans for childcare during the week, it is always at home and so he has next to no experience visiting other places. It was really a joy seeing him explore a new space and ‘make new friends’, he truly is a dog lover!

To top the festive period off, we even got snow!! We couldn’t have asked for anything more special on his first Christmas! He loved being out in the snow, watching it fall and giggling at it falling off of the bushes and trees, he even took a little explore around, even if he found it hard to maneuver in his puffy snow suit!

We then brought in the new year in the only way we hoped, quietly and safely secure in our home. We’ve felt more thankful than ever this year, for the blessings we have in life, for bringing our son safely into this world and for managing to keep our little unit safe. We’ve managed to give Finn a few of his first experiences and most importantly we have bonded stronger than we had ever hoped for!

To whomever is reading this, I also trully hope that you had a lovely Christmas time, I hope you brought the new year in in a way that made you feel most comfortable and I hope you are all safe and well!

Until next time,

The Lawrences xx

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