1 Year of Finn

I can’t believe that Finn’s first year of life has happened, our little man turned 1 yesterday and despite still being able to vividly remember the days leading up to and the day of his arrival into this world, it has just gone so quickly! He has grown and developed so well, he is a loving, curious, independent and funny little cheeky guy and I love seeing her personality shine through. He brings so much joy to mine and Richards life and so it was an honor to be able to celebrate him yesterday.

I prefer to let the pictures speak for themselves sometimes, Finn absolutely loved his day, he was a hyperactive bundle of energy and we loved it! Running laps and fits of giggles filled our day! Richard had to leave for a shift in the afternoon but we made an effort to stay up for his return and sing Finn a Happy Birthday before bed, it felt so special to be bringing the day to a close in such a way with my two favourite guys.

We are so grateful for all of the well wishes, the touching cards, the generous gifts, we truly have felt blessed. Thank you for your kindness!

Until next time,

The Lawrence’s xx

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  1. Congrats n best wishes 💗

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤

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