Nightime Rituals

We are back again for Throwback Thursday. This week we are going to explore the nighttime rituals you had as a child.

If you care to join us, it’s easy.

  • Write your own post sharing your memories and leave a pingback to this post in the comments.
  • You can use the photo above in your post to make it easier to find.
  • Tag it with #TBTMemory or #IRememberWhen.
  • If you do not wish to write your own post, feel free to tell your story in the comments below.

This week’s prompt is: Nighttime Rituals

You can either free write using these questions as inspiration or answer the question as they are.

  1. Did you share a room with a sibling, or did you have a room of your own?
  2. Did you resist going to bed or did you go willingly?
  3. Did someone put you to bed, tuck you in, or read you a bedtime story?
  4. Was there a religious component, like prayers, to your nighttime routine?
  5. Did you go to sleep immediately, or lie awake?
  6. Did you journal, read a book, talk on the phone or with your siblings, or watch television when you were supposed to be sleeping?
  7. Did you ever sleepwalk?
  8. Did you remember having dreams? If you dreamed, did you ever have bad dreams? Do you remember any dreams specifically?
  9. Were you afraid of the dark? Did you sleep with a nightlight or sneak into your sibling’s or parent’s room at night because you were afraid?
  10. Did you have or attend sleepovers or slumber parties? Feel free to elaborate.

My post follows:

I’m a night howler, always have been – I take this bad habit from my Dad. So when I think of night time I actually think of all the socialising I did with my father, watching films together bonding over our shared knowledge. I am an odd sort who gains their energy during the day and feels most awake at night, often lay awake head buzzing – much to my dismay this does not suddenly change as you become a parent.

I never truly shared a room until I moved in with my husband, now we often go to sleep as a couple and wake as a quadruple with our son sometimes snuggled between us and our cat snuggled across our feet. Although in many ways I prefer company to having had a room all to myself.

I have memories of grand parents reading me to sleep, memories of me telling made up stories to my little cousins at sleepovers. I remember I was known in my family for being the only person who went to sleep soundly listening to heavy rock music through her earphones (before we knew of the fire risk) – I think its safe to say I was known to resist it. Even now I read, or play games, whatever I can think of until I can no longer keep my eyes open and then pass out till being awoken moments later in the early hours.

I have prayed before bed, although it’s not a nightly routine, it has offered me comfort over the years especially during times of loss, or deep anxiety. Mainly asking family members to be watched over, looking after those that have haven’t left us.

Never a sleep walker but sometimes a sleep talker and I still remember a large number of the dreams I had during my childhood as they were often re-occuring. Mostly positive but some being rather scary at the time. I further these feelings by also being an individual who deals with sleep paralysis which is often a terrifying experience before you understand why it happens. thankfully it has been some time since my last!

Many a time during my teens i hosted and attended sleep overs with my closest friends, I essentially became an adopted member of my best friends family towards the end as she would often invite me to sleep over on the weekend, I have such fond memories of these times.

Sleep routines for me now are very much set around a dine, bath, bottle and bed regiment for our son. Sometimes a frustrating time when he fights the process but also so comforting to see him settled into bed at the end of the day! I hope to one day give myself the regiment and rest I could do with myself, old habits die hard but we shall see as time goes on!

Until next time,

Lisa xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie says:

    It is so nice to have you join us again, Lisa. Having a little one around and developing routines for them is a throwback to what our parents must have felt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Maggie – I definitely have a new appreciation now going through it myself!

      Liked by 1 person

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