Thoughts from an ex traveler

Packing a suitcase, boarding a plane, discovering new parts of the world was once something that was second nature to myself – I have so many fond memories of travelling and looking back on all of these pictures brings such joy. I love learning about the history and culture of a new place, trying new food and just generally exploring neighborhoods and discovering special items I wouldn’t be able to find back home.

As of late I’ve felt so disconnected from this part of myself; parenthood has no doubt had a play in this, despite our son being quite adventurous and always wanting to explore. He’s gotten so much better at handling the long travels times and always seems to be in his element wherever he goes – especially if there is a beach near by; which has made myself start to explore what our travel possibilities might be once more one day…perhaps in a few more years once our newest edition is here and comfortably established!

But there is still some part of me at this stage, that although longs to travel once more, is also very anxious about it all! Even with Finn coming closer to an age where this might make more sense to try, still hearing about so many cases of covid in the news brings me such anxiety around travelling far off places around people who are not as cautious as ourselves. Admittedly being currently pregnant I am especially cautious at the moment.

I wonder will I ever get back to feeling like I could travel the way I did without fear, I would really love to hear from others who have been travelling abroad lately and those who have small children their experiences, recommendations, feelings. All would be such a help and as always this platform has always been such an expressive one that allows for these connections to occur, to express my thoughts and fears and hopefully to hear from others – so please do reach out!

Until next time, dreaming of far off places…

Lisa xx

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  1. Maggie says:

    I yearn to travel again, too, but I share your concerns. With a young family and a baby on the way, I can really understand your angst. Our good friends travel back and forth between the US and the UK frequently. One of them got Covid back in December and was required to stay another 10 days in the UK before returning home. My sister-in-law just traveled from the US to Wales and one of their party tested positive for Covid – asymptomatic, but concerning just the same. I am taking a short flight in two weeks to visit my daughter and her family. Even the short flight has me a bit concerned but I will mark-up even if others do not. (Your photos are beautiful!)

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    1. Thank you Maggie, it always helps to hear that you aren’t the only person thinking or feeling a certain way about things. I hope your flight and journey went well? And that you had a lovely time away with your family!

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      1. Maggie says:

        We had a great time although we all got sick with a respiratory infection – thank goodness no Covid. Travel is so dicey right now.


      2. I’m glad to hear you had a lovely time away and thankfully managed to stay safe from covid! I hope your infections have long since gone!

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