Our Journey So Far

Before Lawrence:

  • 2005 – Lisa is first tested for PCOS.
  • 2005 – She is referred to a gynecologist and is given blood test / ultrasound scan following which she is diagnosed with PCOS.
  • 2006 – Lisa is put onto the contraceptive pill to regulate her cycle.
  • 2012 – Lisa comes off the contraceptive pill for a year long break, she experiences one normal cycle during this time.

(See:Me and my PCOS)

After Lawrence:

  • 2013 – Lisa and Rich meet and fall in love.
  • 2013 – Lisa goes back on the contraceptive pill.
  • 2014 – They buy their first home.
  • 2015 – Rich proposes and they become engaged.


  • 2016 – Discussions begin about starting a family post wedding and they decide to start investigating how Lisa’s PCOS condition may have developed in the past 12 years in preparation.

(See: When you are afraid of what your heart wants the most)

  • 2016 – They visit with their GP and begin investigating once again.
  • 2016 – Blood tests taken and all levels seem steady, all in good health minus slight issues with vitamin D levels, Lisa is put on a high dosage of Vitamin D medication.
  • 2016 – Ultrasound scan and internal scan taken confirm that the cysts have not gotten any worse since the last investigation 12 years before. Doctors advise that tests get taken again once pill is out of Lisa’s system following the wedding.
  • 2016 – Lisa looses 3 stone in weight gradually in preparation for the wedding and in aid of improving chances in fertility. Lisa also begins a gluten free diet in order to support improving PCOS symptoms.
  • June 2017 – Lisa and Rich tie the knot.
  • September 2017 – 3 months after the wedding, they decide to start trying for a family. Lisa comes off of the contraceptive pill in order to regulate herself in preparation for testing and potential ovulation.

(See: Making a start)

  • October 2017 – Cycle starts off irregular with a missed period. 5 negative pregnancy tests later and still no sign, they decide to book an appointment with their GP and begin testing again.
  • October 2017 – After another missed period they decide to book in a doctors appointment to see how they can move forward (taking the best part of 3 weeks to secure a doctors appointment). Lisa begins to start reading the Women Code by Alisa Vitti in order to naturally re sync her cycle.

(See: Cut it out / ‘Upping the Anxi’ (-ety))

  • November 2017 – Finally after 3 weeks of attempting to secure an appointment they manage to get a meeting with the doctor. Due to Lisa being ‘young and healthy’ in her mid twenties the doctors tell her outright that it would be a minimum of 18 months before they would intervene at all (the older the age the quicker the intervention).
  • November 2017 – Off the back on the appointment Lisa is prescribed an ongoing dosage of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folic acid. The doctor wasn’t concerned by the missed periods and offered no advice or support in regulating them. He did however agree to a blood test in December to check hormone levels. Lisa continues to follow the Woman Code procedure recommendations.

(See: Updates and Upping the Vitamins)

  • November 2017 – Being more reflective and in an aid to continue in a positive way of thinking and to ease any anxiety and stress caused, they decide to continue with the healthy plan and way of life with diet and supplements and to continue trying but to also focus on making plans outside of trying to conceive.

(See: Life is what happens when…)

  • November 2017 – Lisa has her first regular cycle since coming off contraception, following this she attempts to continue regulating her cycle by following the Woman:code practice in order to cycle sync.

(See: Future Plans and Family Farm Shops / Learning to Cycle Sync)

  • December 2017 / January 2018 – Following a bought of illness and not being able to eat, meant that the strict Woman:code cycle syncing protocol didn’t get adhered to and thus a cycle was missed. Unfortunately this lead to a bought of depression which although now has subsided Lisa is once more not regulated in her cycles.

(See: Currently under construction / A little patience)

  • February 2018 – Lisa continues on with her supplements, continues to implement her dietary plan and plans to cut out alcohol from her diet in an attempt to regulate herself. She also has a blood test taken in order to determine how her levels have been affected since coming off the pill.

(See: Getting back on the horse / To drink or not to drink?)

  • March 2018 – They receive results from blood tests showing that Lisa is in perfect health. Not all levels were tested (exc – hormone levels) however based on the levels tested the doctor believes that Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling may be an option instead of using any medications to induce ovulation…not content with this, a decision is made to hold tight until being referred to a specialist in September 2018

(See: Waiting time, or wasting time? / In the pursuit of Happiness)

  • September 2018 – Lisa and Rich are reffered to a fertility clinic in order to recieve more specialised help around their fertility. Rich is referred on to have tests done.
  • October 2018 – They have their first official meeting with specialised fertility clinic organised for November time.
  • October 2018 – Their referral is cancelled due to more test results needing to be completed. Rich is sent for sperm analysis tests, Lisa is sent for another internal ultrasound, another swab and a series of blood tests.

(See: Managing expectations / Autumn Updates / The Wait: An Update)

  • March 2019 – Lisa and Rich celebrate Lisa’s 28th Birthday on the coast in Cornwall before their upcoming fertility consultation. This consultation was rearranged on several occasions following a need to repeat semen analysis tests for Richard.
  • March 2019 – Lisa and Rich attend their fertility consultation to discover that with Richard’s semen analysis results despite any improvement in Lisa’s PCOS symptoms, the only route available to them would be to go down the route of IVF. The consultant gave them a ‘1% chance of conceiving naturally on their own without medical intervention’.

(See: Beachside Birthday / Resilience. )

  • April 2019 – After deciding during the consultation to go forward with applying for IVF funding, Lisa and Rich decided to try everything within their power over the next few months before IVF funding confirmation to try again on their own during the wait.
  • April 2019 – This involved both parties cutting out alcohol entirely, Rich going on supplements and changing his diet as well as Lisa continuing to follow the ‘Women:Code’ Protocol.
  • April/May 2019: By mid-late April Lisa’s health took a turn and amongst severe abdominal cramping, lower back pain and fever, after consulting with NHS’s 111 line, she was told to get an emergency doctors appointment within the following 12 hours. A urine test result proved that she had contracted a UTI and was put on ‘pregnancy safe’ antibiotics as the nurses suspected a pregnancy…
  • May 2019: Following the nurses recommendations, Lisa and Rich picked up some pregnancy tests for the following morning…all 4 tested posted at 5 weeks pregnant. Just 1 week before their IVF funding confirmation letter came through the post.


  • July 2019 –  Lisa and Rich excitedly announce their new arrival, coming January 2020!

(See: Little Lawrence)


  • August 2019 – Lisa shares her experiences of having a PCOS Pregnancy.

(See: What my PCOS Pregnancy has taught me so far)

  • August 2019 –  Lisa and Rich attend their 20 week anomaly scan. They decide to keep Little Lawrence’s gender a surprise.

(See: Our 20 Week Scan)

  • October 2019 – at 25 weeks of pregnancy Lisa reflects and shares her experiences of her PCOS pregnancy/

(See: 25 Weeks Pregnant with PCOS)

30 – 32 weeks Pregnant

(See: 30-32 weeks pregnancy update )

November 2019 – Lisa’s Baby Shower

(See: Our Baby Shower 30.11.19)

January 2020 – Finn is born ❤

(See: One month of you – welcome to the world Little Lawrence)

6 months of Finn

(See: 6 months of Finn)

1 year of adventures with Finn – first family holidays, first Halloweens, first Christmas and first Birthday ❤

(See: Our First Family Holiday / Picking Pumpkins / A Lawrence Halloween / Christmas with Finn / 1 Year of Finn)

2 years of adventures with Finn – Family holidays, adventures, pumpkin picking, sunflower fields, Halloween costumes, Christmas celebrations and 2nd Birthday parties ❤

(See: 2 fast 2 curious)

Little Lawrence number 2 is on the way! Due October 2022

(See: Little Lawrence Number 2)