Eden Sessions Adventures

Richard has been doing his very best to ensure that we get to spend as much family time and couple time together before our newest little addition joins us in October. With this objective in mind, he has gone away and found various gigs in safe outdoor settings of my favourite bands to enjoy over the past couple of months including this weekend.

I cannot recommend the Eden sessions more for anyone like myself who feels uncomfortable with large gatherings and covid risks etc. It’s an outdoor venue, plenty of space and open air – they also have a side section which is roped off and only wrist band allowed for individuals with additional physical needs, pregnancy, and anxiety issues. We didn’t have a soul anywhere near us for 10 / 15 feet.

This truly is a special venue, all the more special for being in Cornwall and having access to Dairy Free mint chocolate chip ice cream! So I didn’t feel too sorry for myself that I couldn’t partake in gig time beverages! If you ever get the opportunity I recommend it to anyone!

Thank you to my lovely husband for making it possible!

Until next time,

Lisa xx

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